BINCHI - /bin-tʃī/ bean-chi

Origin [Hausa, Nigeria] Derived from the Hausa (Nigerian) word 'Abinchi' meaning food, edible, provision.

We’re a Nigerian-owned, Toronto-based food service company currently serving individuals and within the Greater Toronto Area delicious and authentic African cuisine.

Eat Binchi was founded in December 2021, and launched in April 2022, with the vision of making African food accessible to everyone.

We believe everyone should enjoy the flavours of African every day so we have set out to change the way people see African food by lifting the burden and hassle of finding the right ingredients. We know cooking African food can time consuming and finding the right ingredients in Canada or a store that has what you need in stock can be a challenge at the best of times.

Enjoying traditional meals does not have to be relegated to the weekends, birthdays or specials holidays. Everyone deserves to have their meals taken care of, so they can show up authentically in their professional and social lives. We heard from our community that they preferred ready meals over ingredient subscription boxes, so we focused our efforts on ready meals that can be stored in the fridge or freezer and enjoyed once reheated.

We've grown since our humble typeform beginnings and hope to grow into a global brand with you at our virtual table! 

Meet Moji!

As someone who's passionate about food, culture and brining people together, I love sharing my Nigerian heritage through the flavours, aroma and textures of Nigerian cuisine.

I am constantly being approached for food recommendations by newcomers and those who want to try African cuisine, maybe because Canada is my third big continent to live in. What started as an idea on a drive from a hike and a way to provide a welcoming space for newcomers and reduce the stress my friends felt trying to juggle work, moving to a new country and life became a business.

Those who know me would know that I've tried to shy away from this for so long but ultimately, I gave into what I truly love - sharing African stories through food.